Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SRC Basics

All students in Language Arts 7 will be required to read four books per marking period independently.  These selections may NOT include anything read as a class or in previous school years.  Students who complete all four selections in a marking period may opt to submit additional books for added points.

When a student completes an independent reading selection, he/she may either take a 10-question SRC Quiz on a CMS computer OR submit an alternative assessment chosen from a list of options provided by me.  I will NOT accept sloppy work or alternative assessments based on sixth grade language arts requirements.

Students are most welcome to submit SRC assignments early, and will receive extra credit points for doing so.  There will be a specific due date for each SRC, and a text reminder will be sent home 5-7 days in advance of each due date.

Here are the SRC due dates for the 2014-15 school year.

Marking Period 1
Summer Reading SRC - Wednesday, September 10th
SRC 2 - Tuesday, September 23rd
SRC 3 -  Tuesday, October 14th
SRC 4 - Thursday, October 30th

Marking Period 2
SRC 1 - Tuesday, November 18th
SRC 2 - Tuesday, December 9th
SRC 3 - Tuesday, January 6th
SRC 4 - Friday, January 16th

Marking Period 3
SRC 1 - Friday, February 6th
SRC 2 - Wednesday, February 18th
SRC 3 - Friday, March 6th
SRC 4 - Tuesday, March 24th

Marking Period 4
SRC 1 - Friday, April 17th
SRC 2 - Friday, May 1st
SRC 3 - Friday, May 15th
SRC 4 - Wednesday, June 3rd

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