Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Break - Things to Be Doing

Hey there, wonderful students and parents!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring Break, Happy Passover, and Happy Sunshine--spring finally seems to have arrived!  I spent most of today shoveling mulch into my garden, and I hope that you've all been able to get outside and enjoy the warmth as well! I know that many of you have been receiving my Remind texts over the break, and hopefully you students have been working on the items that will be due soon after you return from the break.  In case you're missing any of the information you need to get this work done, here are the items of importance..

1. READING!!!  Spring break is a GREAT time to catch up on reading so that you're not stressed about SRCs for the fourth marking period.  Remember, this marking period there will be no online quizzes accepted, so you must submit an alternate assessment from the list you have in your language arts binder.  That list is also available here.

2. Your Civil Rights Movement (CRM) papers.  I've taken far too long to comment on these for you, but I will comment on all of the papers that have been submitted to me on Google docs by tomorrow (Friday) so that you have the weekend to review my comments and begin making changes.  Those papers will have a final due date of late next week or early the following week.  Remember to use the rubric I gave you, as it's the SAME RUBRIC I'LL BE USING TO GRADE YOU!  I cannot emphasize this enough!!!

3. Be thinking about, and hopefully starting to work on, your final projects for The Watsons Go To Birmingham (which I'll call "The Byron Project" for short).  The requirements for that project, as well as the assessment rubric, are here.  I realize that you don't have your own copies of the book to find the page numbers for your chosen quotes, but you can use the free ebook (available here) and then use the "find in page" tool to find the quotes you picked.

Enjoy the remaining days off, and I'll see you all on Monday, bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to learn!

Much love,
Miss Whitman

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