Tuesday, June 2, 2015

E-Mail Etiquette - Information and Homework

Hey there, beautiful young people!

Just wanted to share the slides that I used in class today to teach a lesson on e-mail etiquette.  Please don't forget to do your homework, due the day after your long language arts period (so due tomorrow for Period A and Thursday for Periods B and D).

The homework: Write me a grammatically correct, proper e-mail of 5-8 sentences.  This e-mail should follow all of the rules that we discussed during our lesson in class.  The e-mail should be about the book you're reading for your final exam.  You can tell me a little about the plot, or tell me about the author's writing style, or tell me what's happening where you are in the book right now.  Failure to send this e-mail will result in a zero.

Here are the slides, in case you need to review.

Have a great day!  Thanks for being awesome!
Miss Whitman

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