Sunday, January 25, 2015

Potential Snow, Benchmarks, MLK, and Mid-Year Surveys

Hi there, all!  This is going to be a rather random assortment of announcements, so please bear with me!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  A few items of note...

1. As I'm sure you've all seen, the weather forecast looks ominous, and it's likely that we'll have a snow day this week (though I make no promises!).  If that is the case, you should still be prepared for your benchmark, which you WILL take whenever school is next in session.  Which leads us to...

2. Benchmarks!  The benchmark exam for marking period two takes place tomorrow and Tuesday (depending on whether you have Language Arts on Day Five or Day Six).  Remember, it will be on theme, tone and mood, conflict, and facts and opinion.  The test has been designed (by myself) to resemble the PARCC exam, so be prepared for multiple choice questions that build upon each other (i.e. the answer to question two will depend upon your answer to question one) as we discussed in class.

3. As you learned last week, I'm providing an opportunity for any interested students to replace one of their four required SRCs for the third marking period with a contest entry that relates to our recent lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr.  The contest information is available here:, and entries are due by February 20th.

4. For homework at some point soon, you will be asked to complete a mid-year survey about your experiences in Language Arts and Writing Workshop 7.  The link to the survey is available here.

Don't forget to put your pajamas on inside out and do a snow dance!
Lots of love,
Miss Whitman

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