Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Carefully Taught - Links and HW

Hi there!

What a great lesson and great conversation we had about prejudice and racism today.  I'm so proud to teach such an insightful and honest group of young people.

Today, we watched a clip from the musical "South Pacific."  We watched as an American soldier sang angrily about prejudice and where it comes from.  The song is full of IRONY, which--not so ironically--was our Word of the Day yesterday!  Here is the link to the clip.

We also watched a more modern interpretation of the same song, but we only watched the first half of that clip.  Here's the whole thing--definitely worth watching!

For homework tonight, you are to rewrite the missing lyrics to the song so that it's no longer ironic, but inspirational.  What do we really, truly, actually need to be "taught" about prejudice?  If you've lost or forgotten the assignment paper, here it is.

I'm looking forward to receiving your responses tomorrow!

Much love and wishes for a great week of PARCC testing!
Miss Whitman

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