Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Competitive Sports Essays - Rules for Revision

If you're going to be submitting a revision for your competitive sports essay, here are the rules for the process. Have a great day!!! Love, Miss Whitman

Whitman - Writing Workshop
Revising your essays...the lowdown

  1. If you received a grade of less than 65%, you MUST revise.  If you received any other grade, you MAY (and many of you probably SHOULD) revise, but you do not HAVE to.
  2. In order for your paper to receive an improved grade for your revisions, you MUST have a one-on-one conference with Miss Whitman about your paper and your plan for improving it.  This can happen after school or on an organizational day (if you have Advisory B), or in the morning if scheduled in advance.
  3. You must also submit your ORIGINAL, GRADED ASSIGNMENT with your revised version so that I can see the changes that you’ve made.
  4. Revisions must be submitted in HARD COPY (printed out--NOT shared with me on Google)--on or before Wednesday, March 25th.

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