Monday, May 18, 2015

Extra Credit Opportunity

Hi all!

As mentioned in class today, I'd like to extend to you an extra credit opportunity.  If you're so inclined, you can receive extra points by completing a "Cyberactivism Action Plan" based on the topic on which you wrote your argumentative essays.  To receive the points, you must fill out the plan thoughtfully and in COMPLETE sentences.  Then, you must show me proof that you put the plan into action (a link to the video you made, a copy of the petition you had signed, a copy of the letter you sent, etc.).  If you want to, you can complete and submit the plan online via Google Docs. Here is the link to view it, but to edit it, you'll have to go to "file" and "make a copy," then save it, including YOUR LAST NAME in the document title.  This must be submitted by FRIDAY.

Hope that many of you take advantage of this!
Much love,
Miss Whitman

P.S. Don't forget--starting tomorrow, you need to have your book in both Writing Workshop AND Language Arts.  For language arts, you should have the book you're reading for your fourth SRC.  For Writing Workshop, you can either bring that same book or you can bring another book that you've already read and loved.  It's up to you, but don't come empty-handed!

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