Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Free Compliments

Hi all!

Kudos to my wonderful students for doing a great job breaking down the "wall of disrespect" today.  You were awesome, and you had great contributions to our class conversation.  For those of you who may want to watch them again, I'd like to share the link to the two videos we watched in class.  Here they are:

Jeremiah's Story -
The Free Compliment Guys -

As I mentioned in class today, I will provide a bit of extra credit to students who decide to emulate the upstanders featured in the above videos, either by doing what they've done or coming up with your own awesome initiative.  To receive extra credit, I'll require you to present some kind of photographic or video proof of your efforts.  I'll also require a reflection paragraph telling me about what you did and how the experience affected you.  Be as creative and thoughtful as you can!

Thanks for being wonderful and making my job a joy!
Lots of love,
Miss Whitman

P.S. SRC THREE IS DUE ON TUESDAY 10/14!  DON'T FORGET!!!  I will NOT be providing class time for students to take SRC quizzes, so if you need to take a quiz, you'll need to find time before or after school, or during advisory, to take your quiz.

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