Monday, December 8, 2014

Homework 12/8/14 and Information on Story Final Drafts

Hello there, all!  Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  A couple of important items...

1. Friday and Monday (today), I did a check for student reading reflections, and was disappointed to find that a number of you have not been doing this small task.  All I'm asking is that you record the title of your daily reading book, the date, and something that interested or intrigued you, a connection you made, a prediction, etc.  Just a few sentences will do the trick.  I do these checks randomly to ensure that you are completing your reading reflections regularly, so it's your job to always have the reflections with you in class.  If you can show me your reflections, even though they're late, I will still give you almost-full credit!  But I'm not going to chase you down--it's your job to find me before or after class to show me your work.

2. Your tone and mood packets should be completed by your next Language Arts class (tomorrow for Periods F and G, and Wednesday for Period E).  They were technically due today, but because so few students had them finished, I decided to give extra credit to the small number of students who did submit them.

3. By the end of tomorrow, all students will have had a class period spent in the computer lab to begin typing their stories.  Outside of that class period, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get them typed, with extra attention paid to spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.  All stories should be typed and shared with me on Google docs by THURSDAY.  We will be peer editing them, and then reading the final copies aloud to each other on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY OF NEXT WEEK.

4. The second SRC book of the marking period is due TOMORROW.  Please turn it in on time, whether you see me for class tomorrow or not.

Thanks for your attention for this long post--all important stuff.  We have much to accomplish before 2014 draws to a close.  Please do your VERY BEST to stay on task and remember the goals that you set for yourselves at the beginning of the marking period.

See y'all tomorrow!
Miss Whitman

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