Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Important Reminders!

Hi there, all!

Some important reminders for this week...

1. Period A did a very nice job at our story celebration today.  Tomorrow we're having our story celebrations for Periods B and D.  All students in those classes should have their FINAL DRAFTS of their stories totally typed and ready to submit at the end of the celebration.  I'm excited for some visiting students to hear what my awesome writers have been working on so far this year!

2. All students have received a list of assignment options for the culmination of our class read, Crunch.  In case anyone has lost it, here's a link to the list of choices.  Students can choose any ONE project, and they're due by FRIDAY of THIS WEEK.

3. This Thursday and Friday (Thursday for Periods E and G and Friday for Period F), we'll be doing a class dramatic reading of "A Christmas Carol."  All students have received their parts, and I'm very excited to hear them tell the story with feeling and gusto!

Thank you all for being wonderful--looking forward to these last few, fun activities before the break!

Much love,
Miss Whitman

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