Monday, December 1, 2014

Homework for 12/1/14

Welcome back, lovely students!  

I hope that all of you were able to refresh and rejuvenate a bit over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I am so very thankful to be your teacher!

Three quick reminders:

1. Your next SRC (number two for the marking period) is due on December 9th, which is next TUESDAY.  You have ample time to finish your novel and submit an excellent quiz score and/or alternate assessment.  I'm looking forward to finding out about what you've read.

2. Students in Writing Workshop Periods B and D received a homework assignment today, and the same assignment will be given to the Period A students tomorrow.  You are to record in your writing notebook two techniques used by the author of your independent reading book.  Mention specifically what the author does (i.e. during the high speed car chase, the author writes using short, choppy sentences).  Then write your best explanation of WHY the author does this (i.e. I think the author uses these choppy sentences to make the action move more quickly for the reader).  Try to focus on the techniques we've talked about in our most recent classes--symbolism, imagery, sentence variety (short vs. long/simple vs. compound sentences), mood, etc.  I'll be looking for the writing homework DATED and IN YOUR WRITING NOTEBOOKS (you can do it on a piece of paper and paste it into your  notebook if you want) when I grade them on Friday. 

3. Students in Language Arts F and G have a short homework assignment related to our class read, Crunch.  They should write down answers, in complete sentences, to the two questions below.  This should be ready to submit during the next language arts class period.

  • Why do you think Lil is so stubborn about Robert helping out at the Bike Barn?  How do you think you would act in Lil's position?
  • Dewey feels bad after insulting Lil and saying she's spent her summer "hanging off a scaffold."  Have you ever said something to someone close to you and then immediately regretted what you said?

Have a happy day, my darlings!
Miss Whitman

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