Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homework for 9/16/14

Hi there, everyone!  Happy Tuesday.

Just a homework reminder for my Writers' Workshop A students.  Tonight, you are to look at either a newspaper, a magazine, or a blog (or a combination of these) and come up with as many possible story ideas as possible.  Look at things going on in the world and see if you can think of a creative way to fictionalize them.

For example, I came across an article on newsela.com entitled "It's back to class, and less sleep, for many high schoolers."  I might come up with an idea for a piece of realistic fiction featuring a student who decides to fight to get her high school to start in the afternoon instead of the morning.  Maybe she'll start a big movement at the school and there will be a huge student vs. administration debate that changes school hours all over the state!

I challenge you to come up with as many ideas as possible!  I expect to see this list in your writing notebook, with the date of completion (tonight, 9/16) when I check it at the end of the week.  I'll walk around and check during the next class session as well.

Miss Whitman

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